i Censorship and Sexuality in the USA

Censorship and sexuality - How open is the USA and why is pornography a thriving art form

Sexual habits of Internet users are changing nowadays in USA. Internet, the global computer network, is revolutionizing sexual habits in the US, where more and more people engage in conversations and friendships through the computer and where the erotic and pornographic sites grow dramatically. Internet consumers are all the time more using their computers to initiate friendly relations which can reach more-discuss their sexual problems, share experiences or discuss attitudes. This is because, each protected by the anonymity of the single screen, no taboos or complex judgments or opinions or prejudices, and problems can expose more openly. Moreover, it is always easier to interact in cyberspace than in person, especially in a country where the number of singles and people living alone is very high and forms of encounter are not very abundant. Another possibility is to go to commercial pornography sites on the Internet where you can access photos, texts and short videos of sexually explicit content. Cyber sex is one of the highlights issues that discussion this weekend the meeting that the California Psychological Association held in the city of San Jose. The psychologist Alvin Cooper, who led a discussion on the matter, has warned that have already begun to be addressed cases of lonely people who remain too many hours glued to your computer consulting sexual content pages. Cooper, a specialist in the subject, maintains a specific column on sexuality on the Internet. The proliferation of Internet pornography led the government to approve last year's law the Communications Decency, which prohibits this type of content on the network, where the authorities want to promote educational use among schoolchildren. The matter has reached the US Supreme Court, which must decide before the summer if Internet censorship is constitutional, but the biggest problem is that the Internet is impossible to censor, because 40 percent of its content comes from outside U.S. This does not mean that everything is harmful, and cyber sex advocates argue that such activity is a civil right and a "nothing harmful pleasure" against the spread of AIDS or venereal diseases.

The curious sexual law in USA

In the United States, "sodomy laws" punish sexual relations between adults who do not conform to certain moral concepts, questioning the freedom of individuals to choose the intimate life who wishes to have and openly violating the universal principles of respect for Personal life. As Amnesty International reveals, in many states there are laws that criminalize sodomy anal sex, oral sex: in eighteen states and Puerto Rico penalizes some of these forms of sexual intimacy with up to ten years in prison. That is, it is punishable by a person of 18 years and 1 month have sex with a person of 17 years and 11 months, the latter agreeing to do so. But this is not all: in some states is also considered a crime that two under 18 have sex. Those under 18 are unable to give consent to such acts; they are not mature enough to decide for themselves if they have sex and with whom. That is why, precisely, that rape is defined as the crime committed by the adult who sexually abuses a minor using the confidence that this will have or deception. I understand that the purpose of this law is to prevent violations and in many cases the boundaries between consensual sex and are forced diffuse. But there are many cases where they are not, then this law seriously attentive against the freedom of individuals. Another argument that this law remains in effect argues that it can combat teenage pregnancies. My readers know that I lived in the United States 18 years and want much more to the country than the European average say. In many ways the United States is a very free country.

Sexuality and Media

The dichotomy seems to have arisen with complete firmness: family values and beliefs on the one hand, and sexual messages from the media, on the other. Today parents are aware that they cause a huge impact on the sexual development of children. But unfortunately, beliefs and customs that travel, especially television with its great persuasive power, are not always ethical. There are situations that adults can differentiate as fantasy because they have ability to discern between fiction and reality, but that confuse children ten years or less and planted the seeds of powerful belief systems that can then impair their adult relationships. From the television series, soap operas, sitcoms, the propagandas with their progress without respect for child protection schedules, the internet, the press etc. sexuality unabashedly exploited is more, the sample associated with ridicule, rudeness, disrespect and violence. In almost every household there is a TV set, or a computer whose screen illuminates the eyes and minds of people and perhaps induces them to make decisions daily. The media can be a remarkable and entertaining friend, in fact, not everything in them is bad. There are good documentaries and family programs that often touch on sensitive issues such as teen pregnancy, AIDS, human relations in general. But there is no doubt that mostly transmits messages that promote violence, explicit sexuality devoid of values such as love and respect for people. Thus, it teaches that sexuality is something we can laugh and make light of very few times and situations that allow responsible commitment associated with sexuality as an integral part of the personality that behaves transcendent values are. Perhaps what we should do, when children are most large- and television programs is to use these as triggers dialog reasons to leave for granted what the family's beliefs on the issue is, what is rescued as positive from the family and what things popularize, or harm people. Undoubtedly, these moments are conducive to express opinions and concepts on important issues like drugs, alcohol and sex, always bearing in mind that the actions of parents, say much more than words. It is important that kids can understand that a well-intentioned censure from their parents is not a sign of authoritarianism, but a way to protect them from what they consider a bad influence. Explain that just as not related to anyone, do not let anyone home, television is also an open door to the world, and they must decide which things leave enter and which are not. But before they this critical judgment to form, should be housed and educated by their parents who do have the responsibility and the proper criteria to decide what suits them and explain to children through a serene and sincere dialogue that achieves reach understanding and feeling. Again, the educational responsibility of parents is critical because it must know accurately what they see their children, how long and how they impact on their psyche and in his heart. Below we will be noting all this through a tour of the different media.

Pornography A Thriving Art

Pornography is defined as the characteristic of the writings or works containing inciter’s paragraphs eroticism causing the reader or viewer wishes and urging him to action. But it is very difficult to establish the nuance that separates erotic than pornographic. It seems that the intention is where the problem lies. Pornography video or film, the bodies remain intact, despite the lashes; women's voices are silenced with background music; pain and violence are not perceived. The sole purpose is to excite. Everything revolves around erection and ejaculation, unique phenomena that give the man his male identity. Intercourse reminds them that they have the power. Given this phallus, the woman should remain forever accessible. It does so in a document whose response opportunity is beyond doubt. It is undetectable levels show how the three elements of the phenomenon-pornography, widespread violence and social media act together as catalysts of the same: how spontaneously converges increasing their particular effects. Since the human creature lost the state of original justice and with it the integrity of feeling, knowing and acting, sexual status of the couple tends to be reduced to mere sensuous pleasure, simply because the feeling is first and simple, given there, without more, our corporeal condition. When this happens three inevitable consequences occur. There are two themes that dominate Internet: cats and pornography. It has just published a study on countries that host more sexual content and that data was drawn map of pornography in the world. Reading it, I've seen countries that I had expected and I have brought some surprises. United States completely dominates the percentages, followed by some European countries. First place was easy to guess: the United States, with 60% of Internet pornography, becomes the country with more sexual content thanks to its 428 million web pages devoted to it. Not surprisingly, they are the largest producers of porn and one of the country’s most consumers, some of them taking up testosteron booster

Love and sexuality in USA: The sexuality of young people in US and LAW

The proposal suggests that some teachers adolescents to reduce disease transmission and the number of teenage pregnancies is more information and condoms; thus promoting irresponsible sexual behavior. But recent research does not support this view, showing that information on the alarming figures on sexually transmitted diseases, HIV infections (AIDS), teenage pregnancies and abortions is omitted. Although the situation described is quite crude, also conveys hope: sexual health problems can be avoided in 100% of cases if parents transmit to their children their values and principles. Bad decisions of teenagers come not from lack of information but a lack of judgment. I could not do much for them. Were young people who were very knowledgeable and actively concerned about their health? They cared food, did exercise, avoiding smoking and so many things. But in the realm of sexuality they assumed all risks. So I started to ask about sex education they received in class. After working for twelve years as a psychiatrist, Grossman found bewilderment that most young people in the field of sexuality move. She herself was frustrated at seeing patient after patient in the same mistakes that ended in sexually transmitted diseases, emotional disorders and even infertility repeated. Although long we find in the different notes that collect some of the most controversial sex laws in the world, such as this one published in the Teddy blog, blog authors Medical Insurance have wanted to go a step further and have developed a fun which shows how far they can reach legislators in matters of sex. In Guam, a Pacific island recognized as unincorporated US territory, is forbidden to marry a virgin. That is why there are men with the curious profession deflowered women who will marry, even charging for it. We are left wondering if the same applies to men. Some Middle Eastern countries recognize a controversial Islamic law that allows sex with sheep, but then prohibit eating the flesh of animals copulating. Exactly the law reads: After having sex with a lamb, is a mortal sin to eat its flesh. Yet we go further, because in Lebanon men are allowed to practice bestiality, with the only condition that the animals that sex remains are females. Islamic laws do not allow Muslims look at the genitals of a corpse. To do this, the dead must always carry a brick or wood covering their private parts.